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Chicken-Fried News: Sickly situation



A little over 2,000 people live in Prague, Oklahoma, and it’s more than likely that the staff at the city’s main hospital, Prague Community Hospital, are hoping everyone in the city doesn’t get sick all at once.

Last week, hospital employees went without pay and said they’ve heard of similar situations happening at other hospitals that are owned by the same Florida-based businessman.

This man, whom we’ll call Ebenezer, has apparently been sued on multiple occasions. Amid the drama, Prague Community Hospital’s CEO resigned due to stress, leaving the day-to-day operations at the hospital resembling a modern-day version of A Christmas Carol (happy ending pending).

The town’s mayor, whom we’ll call Tiny Tim, said a “Christmas miracle” has been keeping employees caring for their patients despite fear of going without pay again.

Prague Community Hospital is miles from any other hospital or clinic and serves as the only accessible health care facility for many of the city’s residents.

Nurses are allegedly buddying up in an effort to help one another out with bills, groceries and childcare while leaving each other canned goods in the hospital’s hallways.

In all seriousness, this story speaks to all that is wonderful about Oklahomans. As much as we here at Chicken-Fried News like to rag on how our state can’t seem to go a week without earning a negative headline in national news, this story makes us look pretty damn good.

So here’s one for our state’s nurses. You humble and knowledgeable servants care for us when we are at our most vulnerable. In a state with one of the lowest rates for overall health and wellbeing, you care for those of us who come in droves to your doctor’s offices and emergency rooms on the regular.

With new leadership on the horizon from a soon-to-be governor with questionable beliefs regarding vaccinations, we here at CFN think it’s likely that we’ll need you more than ever during the next four years.

In the likely event that Ebenezer doesn’t emerge from the Sunshine State to fix the problems he has created in one of our small towns, we’ll happily work to hunt his crooked ass down in the name of journalism with a vengeance … and, of course, in the name of Christmas spirit as well.

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