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Chicken-Fried News: Soccer stunner



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Rayo Oklahoma City’s first season has ended, and many wonder if the soccer franchise’s end is near, as well. The team’s majority owner, Rayo Vallecano de Madrid, was recently demoted from Spain’s top division, likely causing conflict in the owners’ budget.

According to, earlier this month, Rayo Vallecano chairman Raul Martin Presa said owners weren’t looking to separate themselves from the Oklahoma City club, in which millions of dollars are invested. However, Vallecano was looking into what to do with the club and was considering selling its share to avoid profit losses.

Rayo OKC minority leader Sean Jones doesn’t seem to remember that. reported that in a recent meeting with Rayo bigwigs, Jones said they discussed the idea of restructuring the brand and bringing in additional investors to split ownership percentages and help Rayo Vallecano own less.

Rayo OKC managing partner Brad Lund told that the Spanish soccer club was open to selling part, but not all, of its shares to someone. According to Lund, Vallecano currently owns 65 percent of Rayo OKC.

Lund did add that if Rayo OKC was to look for more investors, they would be from the Oklahoma City area.

Regardless of what happens within the ownership portions of the club, Rayo OKC will resume play through the fall season, reported. The team has a three-year commitment with the North American Soccer League and plans to fulfill it.

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