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Chicken-Fried News: Stitt’s up to his shenanigans again, but we don’t mean Kevin.


  • Jerry Bennett

“Marvin Keith Stitt, 51, who goes by Keith, asked the Tulsa Municipal Court on Wednesday to dismiss a speeding ticket he received in February because he is a member of the Cherokee Nation. A copy of his Cherokee identification card is included in the court filing, showing he became an enrolled member of the tribe in 1992,” The Frontier reported.

With regards to the McGirt ruling, which reasserted tribal sovereignty in much of eastern and southern Oklahoma’s state courts, Kevin Stitt has all but begged the Supreme Court to overturn it and, in the meantime, has used every passive-aggressive option available to him, even if it stands to cost the state millions in revenue. Anything to irritate the tribes because, if he has to share authority, Stitt is just going to take his ball and go home, even though it turns out that house may be under tribal jurisdiction.

“[Keith Stitt’s lawyer] said in a statement to The Frontier that everyone ‘has the right to have their case heard before the correct court with proper jurisdiction.’”

And they have. It just hasn’t gone the way they like, which means to expect more state power wielding in an attempt to punish indigenous tribes until they get the court and jurisdiction they want.

More of that “small government” mentality that Republicans love to champion and never live up to when wielding power.

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