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Chicken-Fried News: Storm warning



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Speaking of OKC Thunder, local fans and media outlets are rumbling in a warning that a storm of disappointment could rain down on anyone who buys game tickets anywhere but from the team’s official website.

The anticipation for postseason tickets to Thunder basketball games are super high right now, even though it hasn’t begun yet.

“We want to see our fans in their seats, not stuck outside the arena because they purchased counterfeit tickets,” warned Brian Byrnes, Thunder senior VP of marketing and sales, in a media release posted to its website.

That means the only way to know for sure that your tickets weren’t counterfeited on an inkjet printer in someone’s garage is to order them through the team’s official website,

The Thunder plays the Los Angeles Clippers Thursday in Oklahoma City and the Los Angeles Lakers April 11 in Oklahoma City. Tickets for the team’s first two 2016 NBA playoffs home games go on sale 10 a.m. April 14.

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