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If all of the bad and sometimes downright terrifying news coming out of Oklahoma County Jail has you feeling a little panicky, you can now breathe a sigh of relief because The Wrap is here to save us all.

Not really.

It’s actually here to restrain inmates who might hurt themselves or others and is only supposed to be used as a last resort.

Inmates subjected to The Wrap are first handcuffed while laying facedown.

Their ankles and legs are strapped, and then a harness is put around their chest and hooked to their handcuffs and then their ankles.

It’s sort of like a full-body straight jacket without all the psychoanalysis that comes with it.

“It will keep the person from being able to assault the officer either by foot, by fist, by head-bumping,” Sheriff John Whetsel told “This restraint system works.” reported the Oklahoma County Jail has three of the devices and they’re to be used to handle “violent, combative inmates.”

Inmates put in The Wrap will be allowed a break during which they may take a walk every two hours.

We here at Chicken-Fried News doubt anyone would be able to stay violent and combative for over two hours, but we’ve never actually been booked into the jail — as far as you know anyway.

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