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Chicken-Fried News: Taxi problem


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Cabbies have it rough. There is not much more we can say.

Business Insider recently ranked taxi driving and chauffeuring as the No. 11 most dangerous job in America.

While we know that and choose to use the Uber app, we don’t like hearing about Oklahoma City’s own taxi drivers being assaulted.

TV station KOKH reported Thunder Cab driver MD Reza was attacked inside his vehicle by a 28-year-old passenger last month.

The passenger eventually ended the assault, and Reza called police. The passenger later traded the cab car for the squad car. No fare was collected for the ride to the Oklahoma County Jail.

About 10 days after the KOKH report, the TV station caught up with Reza. This time, he said a co-worker was “brutally attacked in his cab” by four men wanting to travel from Norman to OKC.

What is going on?

Jaffar Najam, CEO of Thunder Cab, said the company is working with the police and is improving its tracking system.

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