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Chicken-Fried News: Teachers needed




(Madeline Hancock)
  • Madeline Hancock

Looking for a new career? Area schools might have your answer.

School districts across the state are struggling to find enough teachers as a wave of teacher retirements, transfers and career changes are putting district officials in a tough spot, reported The Daily Ardmoreite.

That means now might be the perfect opportunity for you to become a teacher.

With the second to worst average pay in the nation, Oklahoma teachers have the opportunity to seek second jobs, which means you are actually making money bussing tables on the weekend while your friends are wasting their money on things like movies and road trips.


Oklahoma teachers are also asked to study and prepare for a brand-new style of teaching, like Common Core, only to be told they will need to adapt to an entirely new procedure.

That will keep you on your toes, ensuring you don’t get bored with the job.

Right on!

If you’re lucky enough to get a classroom with several students living in poverty — one in three students are — then you can take comfort in the fact that despite a lack of social programs to help your students overcome poverty at home, you will be evaluated on your ability to teach a child who shows up hungry every day.

Did we mention the crappy pay?

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