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Chicken-Fried News: Teaching responsibility


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Even The Oklahoman thinks our state’s public education system sucks.

We kid.

But seriously, the editorial board at the state’s largest newspaper, which is more often as pro-business as it is pro-Republican, highlighted a recent Oklahoma Educated Workforce Initiative report that showed our state was not producing enough skilled and educated workers to sustain and build its future economy.

“The end result is a system where students may be left virtually unemployable as adults,” the editorial board wrote on April 7. “Businesses will have to look elsewhere for workers, and state economic growth lags.”

Yes, businesses will suffer by having to recruit out-of-state workers, but perhaps more importantly, those citizens left unemployable will possibly have even more challenges.

“If policymakers want Oklahoma’s future to belong to many current Oklahoma students, then they must work to seriously tackle Oklahoma’s education challenges,” the editorial board added.

We completely agree.

Now, if we all could just agree on how much to pay teachers, invest more in public education and move away from high-stakes testing, we might be able to actually change things for the better.

Somehow, let’s find a ways to rehabilitate Oklahoma City’s broken school system. To do that, we’ve also got to move away from the teachers-as-enemy double standard and build better schools from the inside out.

Perhaps these huge businesses in our city can find it in their philanthropic hearts to help better educate our future workforce.

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