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Chicken-Fried News: Thank you, Jonathan Hazar



Chicken-Fried News Presents: Real Men Helping the Community.

Today, we salute you, former AllianceHealth Midwest Hospital security guard Jonathan Hazar.

While patrolling the hospital, you pulled out your smartphone and snapped photos of dirty piles of dishes, brown toilets and overall questionable conditions at the medical center. Was that black mold?

Sure, you had just gotten fired for an unrelated incident and then decided to post the photos on social media and alert the public. But hey, who else would have done it?

Now, those photos have been viewed by thousands and broadcasted by all the local television stations. You’ve caught the attention of Midwest City leaders like city manager Guy Henson and Rep. Roger Ford. The Midwest City Council, which is also the Midwest City Memorial Hospital Authority, questioned AllianceHealth CEO Clay Franklin about the conditions at their most recent meeting.

Sure, you’ve been called “a disgruntled former employee” in statements from AllianceHealth Midwest, who was “disappointed in the depiction” of the hospital. Well, we’d say the community is disappointed in AllianceHealth Midwest. So what if patient care was not provided in those units; you don’t think that’s an excuse for the lack of care to the facility. Frankly, the public doesn’t either.

Keep it up, Hazar! Consider going undercover again. Maybe next time you can visit the Oklahoma State Department of Health and snap photos that shed some light on the state agency’s past financial mismanagement practices!

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