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Chicken-Fried News: Thanks (again), Obama


(Madeline Hancock)
  • Madeline Hancock

Somehow, Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Oklahoma, got a reputation as the “sane” Oklahoma politician. But he is a politician nonetheless, and he is no more immune to partisan games than anyone else in Washington. Inhofe’s latest tirade involves — get this! — President Obama.

Apparently, Inhofe doesn’t agree with the president’s strategy — on anything, really — in combating the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which has been terrorizing the region as of late.

“Until President Obama articulates and implements a comprehensive strategy against ISIS across Iraq and Syria,” Inhofe opined, “we will continue to see more savage executions, more killing of religious minorities, more humanitarian disasters like Mount Sinjar and more enslavement and abuse of women and girls. Obama talks a big game, but his actions tell a different story.”

If you think Obama talks a big game, just wait ’til you see him on the basketball court! That dude is vulgar. So what is this comprehensive strategy you speak of, Mr. Inhofe? As the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, you must have something in mind.

“He’s going to have to come up with something that we’re going to do because they’re holding another hostage in place and the problem is the president, quite frankly, says all these things and he never does them,” Inhofe said.

Oh. So basically the two options are A) saying things and not doing them or B) not saying things and never having the opportunity to do them because we don’t have any idea what it is we would do. Cool. Got it.

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