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No one wants to talk about innocent people convicted of crimes that they didn’t commit, nor do they want to talk about the dangers of innocent people executed because of errors in the criminal justice system.

That’s #Awkward.

That’s exactly what 11 members of the bipartisan Oklahoma Death Penalty Review Commission did, along with talks on forensics, law enforcement techniques, prosecution and defense procedures, death penalty eligibility and execution.

That’s #HeavyTalk.

After months of studies and discussion, member and former Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry and others recommended a moratorium on the death penalty remain in place. WTF #DeathPenalty?

“Ultimately, we found that there are many serious systemic flaws in Oklahoma’s death penalty process that obviously can and have led to innocent people being convicted and put on death row,” Henry told the Associated Press. “If we’re going to have the death penalty, it must be done right to ensure that no innocent person is executed.”

We at Chicken-Fried News raised our eyebrows when we heard the commission found “serious systemic flaws” in the death penalty process. The idea of innocent people on death row gave us cause for concern.

Hey, #OKisNotOK.

The Associated Press reported that Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter “respectfully disagrees” with the panel’s findings.

Always #AGProblems.

“We’re going to get a handle on the execution process,” Hunter told the AP. “There’s new management at the [Department of Corrections], and I’m confident they’re going to come up with a new execution protocol and that we’ll move forward after that.”

In other words, #ThanksNoThanks for the commission’s 300-page report.

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