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Chicken-Fried News: Theta burglars



CFN-2015DrumstickJohnnie’s Charcoal Broiler uses a mix of gas and charcoal to give their burgers a unique, backyard-grilled taste. But that’s no reason to break in four times.

Yes, the Johnnie’s at 13900 N. May Ave. seems to have repeat customers of the unwanted variety, as a pair of armed thieves have broken into the restaurant multiple times this year.

Owner Rick Haynes said the suspects “usually” shoot out the glass door and come on in. Video surveillance from the most recent incident shows the crooks ransacking the place and looking for cash. The pair — entirely covered, including surgical masks — came in while employees were arriving for work.

So far, no arrests have been made in the break-ins and no one is saying if the real motive behind the destruction has something to do with that giant slab of unmelted shredded cheese that comes on top burgers. Because that cheese is bleeping amazing.

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