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Chicken-Fried News: Timeless ads



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Bart Brewer’s seduction techniques have gone viral.

Chief operations officer of Brewer Flooring Group/The Floor Trader, Brewer has long been a fixture of local media, appearing in commercials and on billboards for the carpeting and tile business. But his most recent ad puts the Edmond native on a bigger stage.

“The Timeless Art of Savings,” reads the newest billboards, which feature Brewer in a George Costanza-like pose, stretched out on a pile of carpet samples.

Drivers rolling down Broadway Extension enjoy this Seinfeld callback so much that a few of them posted pictures of it online. And it has caught on.

Mashable, Ad Week, The A.V. Club and Reddit each featured the advertisement with varying degrees of glee.

Local ad agency Insight Creative Group created the concept, which it documented on its website with a post that begins, “He freaking said yes!!!”

The campaign, from concept to execution, can be seen at Meanwhile, we’ll be on Hulu, watching Seinfeld season 8, episode 5, “The Package” and enjoying more erotic poses from Mr. Costanza.

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