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Chicken-Fried News: Tough all over


(Madeline Hancock)
  • Madeline Hancock

Things are tough, especially if you live in several Oklahoma counties.

The New York Times recently compiled a mountain of data to illustrate the places in the United States where it is hardest and easiest to live. All the information was compiled into an interactive map, using information such as household income, percentage of college graduates and the disability rate by county.

The Oklahoman’s Jaclyn Cosgrove used the information in a story about 10 Oklahoma counties: five where it’s easiest and five where it’s toughest.

The piece included fascinating information and surprising results. The top five easiest Oklahoma counties to live in are Canadian, Woods, Cleveland, Ellis and Beaver, in that order.

The five counties where things are toughest were found to be McCurtain, Hughes, Sequoyah, Okfuskee and Adair.

In the national scheme of things, McCurtain, which was found to be the hardest place to live in Oklahoma, ranked 2,890 out of 3,135. Canadian County ranked 354 nationwide.

Factors for the ratings included income mobility, unemployment rate, disability rate, median household income, education level, obesity and life expectancy. The upside? Oklahoma counties avoided the 10 lowest counties in the nation, including six in eastern Kentucky.

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