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Chicken-Fried News: Treasured trees



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Some people just really love trees, and some just don’t like it when companies come onto their property and cut down their trees without asking.

Southwest Oklahoma City property owner Dave Moore told KOCO 5 News he was astonished to come home one day and find 10 trees on his property were cut down and ground up. There is also no way it was a case of mistaken tree-dentity either, he said, because clearing crews hopped an electric fence with their equipment in order to do it.

“They took down some of our most valued trees with absolutely no notice,” Moore said.

OG&E said a contractor had been leaving the Moores notes on their fence for two weeks, but Moore said he didn’t receive them. The power company explained that the trees were in the way of an easement under power lines and it hired the contractor to take care of the problem.

“I’m not arguing the law, if there’s a law against it, but just give us the opportunity to move them,” Moore told KOCO 5 News.

KOCO reporter Crystal Price said the Moores are taking legal action and the trees were worth at least $10,000.

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