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Chicken-Fried News: Vanity cuffs




Vanity is a funny thing.

At least it can be for some of us.

For others, it can bring your alleged carjacking, gun-toting, cellphone-swiping crime spree to a downer of a screeching halt.

According to, suspect Cruzitio Fuentez — one of several, but the news station has not yet named the others — held a man at gunpoint before stealing his car.

Police believe the suspects, traveling on a flat tire, soon abandoned that vehicle, shot another man in the leg, then escaped on foot to an apartment complex, where they stole another car, according to

“They apparently walked to an apartment complex and stole another car at gunpoint along with a cellphone of the victim there,” El Reno Police Lt. Van Gillock told the television news station.

Soon, the suspects holed up in an Oklahoma City hotel room, police said, where they unwound by using the stolen phones to make phone calls.

We bet you can guess what they did next.

Go ahead; guess.

Of course they took selfies!

“When the victim obtained a new phone, these had been saved onto her cloud, and they loaded automatically into her cellphone, which gave us pictures of the suspect in the hotel room,” Gillock said.

Fuentez was soon arrested. Several others face charges.

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