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Chicken-Fried News: Well, shoot


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We again top a list of trends, but it’s not one any other state would want to emulate.

The Counted, a database project by The Guardian (yes, the one in Britain), uses public records and verified crowdsourced information to chronicle the growing number of Americans killed by police officers so far this year.

Per capita, Oklahoma — with a population of almost 4 million — tops the list with 23 killings so far this year. Of those, seven were black, 15 were white and one was Hispanic/Latino.

Of the 23 victims, most were killed by gunshot, data shows.

Arizona, with a population just over 38 million, ranks No. 2 per capita with 25 deaths.

However, looking solely at the number killed by police so far this year, California overwhelmingly dominates the top spot with 79 deaths. Texas ranks No. 2 with 50. Oklahoma ranks No. 5. (Note: These were the figures collected at press time.)

Nationally, black Americans were more than twice as likely to be unarmed as whites. Thirty-two percent of blacks were unarmed, 25 percent of Latinos/Hispanics were unarmed and 15 percent of whites were unarmed, the data, sourced from public records, shows.

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