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Chicken-Fried News: We’re No. 4!




(Madeline Hancock)
  • Madeline Hancock

Chicago-based moving company Golan’s Moving and Storage knows a thing or two about moving. But where to live? USA Today reported the business estimated that about 43 million people move each year.

With some help from online real estate database Zillow and user-sourced database Numbeo, the paper rounded up the “least expensive states to live in the U.S.”

Oklahoma is the fourth cheapest, with home rental at a median of $950 and home sale cost at a median $109,000. The average cost of dinner and a movie: $60.

The “cheapest” states were Kentucky at No. 3 (a meal there averages eight bucks), Tennessee at No. 2 — no fancy dinner estimate came with that listing; maybe they don’t eat in Tennessee, so consider yourself forewarned if you’re traveling — and Mississippi at No. 1 (dinner and a movie is about $60).

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