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Chicken-Fried News: We're No. 9



We’re miserable. C’mon. Admit it.

Oklahoma ranks No. 9 in the nation for its lousy well-being score. According to The Gallup- Healthways Well-Being Index reported in USA Today, “Oklahomans had among the most unhealthy behaviors in the U.S. during 2013.” We have the 10th lowest median household income in the nation (We’re No. 10!) at $44,312, and the fifth lowest life expectancy at 75.9 years.

Less than half of us admit to regularly eating fruit and vegetables, and our access to clean, safe drinking water ranked worst in the nation.

Who ranked worse? you ask. Guess. No, guess. OK. We’ll tell you. The five states with the lowest well-being score were Ohio, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky and (winner!) West Virginia.

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