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Chicken-Fried News: Wes welcome




His sports bar and grill might be gone, but The Wes Welker Foundation still has some money to throw around thanks to his — hold on, let us get our reading glasses — millions of dollars from playing professional football and related endorsements. It must be lucrative work.

The foundation gave six grants totaling $113,030 to local schools and organizations, with all of the money going to sports. Douglass, John Marshall, Millwood, Northwest Classen and Justice Alma Wilson Seeworth Academy schools received funds for everything from weights and basketball equipment to an end zone camera system.

Oklahoma Cleats for Kids also received a grant. The former Miami Dolphin, New England Patriot, Denver Bronco and current St. Louis Ram was once just a Heritage Hall Charger, which is probably why he keeps giving money to Oklahoma City programs.

Since it was started in 2006, the foundation has given more than $800,000 in local grants. So far, there are no reports of Welker going across the middle to deliver the checks or any resultant concussions.

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