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Chicken-Fried News: What’s in a name?



The Oklahoma City Public School Board decided this month to do away with the Redskins mascot at Capitol Hill High School, siding with cultural respect rather than tradition.

Many Native Americans praised the board’s move, but the next day, there were several students and alumni who criticized the board’s decision and claimed the Redskins name was respectful to Native Americans.

It’s true that not all Native Americans are offended by the name, but it’s hard to imagine this type of name being acceptable if associated with any other race. Some might say the school board is being too sensitive, but many of those same people flip out when a person says, “Happy holidays,” rather than, “Merry Christmas.”

Some student athletes have also complained that a name change dishonors their tradition and that they will “always be Redskins.”

However, student athletes should thank the school board because they effectively agreed to give Capitol Hill all new uniforms.

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