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Chicken-Fried News: Wild showdown



A showdown of sorts took place recently within the parameters of Oklahoma City Zoo.

Lions, tigers and bears were not involved. Instead, a Second Amendment advocate challenged the zoo’s no-gun policy by bringing his gun in and openly carrying.

Zoo officials said they believe that their policy does not violate any laws, but Don Spencer, a member of the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Associ-ation, said the zoo is on public grounds and citizens, therefore, have the right to bring in firearms.

Thankfully, no shots were fired in a showdown between Spencer and zoo security, and a Wild West scenario was avoided in a place that’s plenty wild enough.

A zoo spokesman later told a news reporter at KOCO that the zoo is meant to be a fun and safe place where guns don’t belong.

All the fuss has Chicken-Fried News staffers wondering what threats exist within the 110-acre lot that families have frequented since 1902 that makes a grown man insist on carrying his weapon in with him. Perhaps he believes that a “fun and safe” place void of risk from other humans does not exist.

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