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Chicken-Fried News: Word search



  • Bigstock did some digging and found out that Oklahomans really like gossip and care a lot about people suffering from tragedies.

The real estate information and education website “ran hundreds of search terms through Google Trends to discover what people in each state searched for with more frequency than people in any other state.”

Despite Oklahomans’ reputation for hating things that are out of the ordinary, we wanted to learn more about what was going on with transgender reality TV and track star Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as retired Olympic champ Bruce Jenner).

Okies also showed interested in Patricia Arquette and the details of Jordan Spieth’s U.S. Open and The Masters wins and empathized with the family of Stuart Scott (an ESPN sportscaster who died this year) and those affected by the attack at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo — we searched “Je suis Charlie” a lot.

The most interesting part of Estately’s blog post was a map.

We’re not exactly sure how they picked the words to represent each state, but we are sure it was very fair and there was no ill will or prejudice in any part of it. At all. Whatsoever.

Nationally, search terms featured on the map included “Caitlyn Jenner” (Oklahoma), “Miranda Lambert divorce” (Texas), “Jared Fogle” (Indiana) and “Charlie Sheen HIV.”

Other popular queries featured the Second Amendment (Arizona), Boko Haram (Virginia), the meaning of the Confederate flag (North Carolina), National Book Award Winner Ta-Nehisi Coates (Maryland) and, most important of all, the definition of “bae” (Wisconsin) and “Legalize weed” (Ohio).

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