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Chicken-Fried News: You're hired



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When we were interviewing at Oklahoma Gazette, we emailed our resumes; got all spiffed up in our least-dirty jeans, KISS t-shirts and Chuck Taylors; and told a couple smart-aleck jokes and we were in like Flynn.

Unfortunately, some people believe they have to pull crazy stunts to land jobs. reported that Oklahoma workers and CareerBuilder say getting a job requires a little ingenuity. CareerBuilder even reported some people sneakily followed hiring managers to dinner and paid the tab, answered a call and pretended another company was trying to hire them during their job interview, “lit resumes on fire to show a ‘burning desire for the job,’” loitered outside HR’s window with signs and, most annoying of all, made top 10 lists of reasons they should get the job. (We assume the folks in that last group really wanted to work for BuzzFeed.)

Oklahoma job-seekers have printed their names on fancy colored paper and brought their trophies to job interviews.

“The manager at Squibb asked me to bring proof of my awards, so I just brought the trophies and plaques in a brown grocery bag, pulled them out and laid them — seven plaques and two trophies — across his desk,” Kathy Cash told

We know it’s good to get a little creative, but we’re not sure how much all these crazy antics would actually help.

Rosemary Haefner, CareerBuilder’s chief human resources officer, agreed and told that candidates should concentrate on their skills and qualifications and keep the creative shenanigans to a minimum to avoid looking “desperate, annoying or even creepy.”

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