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He knows Chesapeake Arena’s a Ticketmaster venue, right?

Nevermind that, we guess. The ... show ... sold out. Didn’t it? However, we did tickets for sale on Ticketmaster for $64-ish. Plus fees. So, $80-plus.

But we digress.

What’s disturbing is that on the band’s tour, even as a joke, Vedder, eh, kids about “the fuckers in Oklahoma City.” See, the Seattle bandleader and apparent baller fan is still pissed off about that whole SuperSonics thing. ... From 2008.

During a recent concert in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Pearl Jam frontman lamented that he hadn’t been to that city in 10 years, admitting he “might have been upset because you have a basketball team and we don’t.”
He goes on to say in a video from the concert posted to YouTube: “It’s the fuckers in Oklahoma City, that’s who we should really be disgusted with.” He then corrected himself: “Did I say fuckers? I meant to say Thunders. ... Thunders fuckers.”

Yes, Thunders. With an “s.”

Your band’s fan club has been planning a fundraiser and get-together here for months before next week’s  show, friend. All of those "fuckers" are probably Thunder fans, too. Should we tell them you said hello?

A year ago, he also played two sold-out solo gigs up the turnpike in Tulsa. All his longtime fuc — uh, fans — came out to see him then, too. We also remember when his band was named Mookie Blaylock, after the former Sooners point guard.

We’re showing our age. But still. Where’s the love now, Ed?

Pearl Jam plays Nov. 16 at Chesapeake Arena.

Somebody get him to a Thunder game. Stat.

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