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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Loving Our Cats - Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen



Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing

At the dawn of time, when the first "Chicken Soup for the Soul" installment landed on early man's Christmas pressie list, the book was sweet. Cheesy, but undeniably sweet "? not unlike those inspirational cards dotty grandparents continue to send for birthdays. A millennia, one case of bubonic plague and a lunar landing later, "Chicken Soup for the Soul" is a book-churning machine, spitting out titles on increasingly banal topics.

Meet the newest installment: "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Loving Our Cats." The superiority of the feline species aside, this 300-plus-page book holds 101 stories of yarn-playing, mischief-making and eye-gouging. This latest tome, which quips "'Loving Our Cats' and they sure do love us back!" contains such heartwarming tales as "Me and My Mewse," "A Tale of Two Kitties" and "Saving Private Hammer."

There must be something in there that keeps people schlepping back for more, however. The "Chicken Soup for the Soul" line is a New York Times best seller and has published more than 150 titles.

Should we look for "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Loving Our Sexually Transmitted Diseases" and "Chicken Soup Presents: Embarrassing, Drunken Family Functions" coming up next?

"?Jenny Coon Peterson

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