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Childrens Hospital: The Complete Fourth Season



The good news is that it’s as hilarious as it’s ever been. The bad news is that its title still lacks the necessary apostrophe. (Perhaps that’s only bad news if you’re a writer/editor.)

How does it stay fresh and funny? By not adhering to any pesky distractions like “story arcs” and “character development.” Each episode is a stand-alone
experiment, parodying zombies one week and Mafia movies the next. One
goes meta for a behind-the-scenes mockumentary; another is transplanted
to the UK (and, therefore, features an all-new cast).

The highlight among highlights is Erinn Hayes’ Dr. Lola Spratt turning into a coked-up attorney for the “Childrens Lawspital” episode — a real tour de farce. She’s
one spoke of what is arguably TV’s greatest comedy cast.

whereas this season sets a series high in the ratings, it’s been issued
on DVD not through Warner Home Video like the others, but on DVD-R
through Warner Archive. No jokes will be lost during the burned-on-demand
procedure. —Rod Lott

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