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Chiller: The Complete Television Series



And, as with any media in the omnibus format, some episodes clearly work better than others. The irony is that Chiller begins to find its footing as the hours click by, yet it’s all over and done with after five.  

The two-disc set contains the entire quintet of the supernatural stories. The first, “Prophecy,” is, even with unnecessary nudity, a predictive snore, but its immediate successor, “Toby,” wakes up viewers with its plot of a ghost baby. A scene of a distraught mother breast-feeding an invisible spirit tends to do that!  

“Here Comes the Mirror Man” is another step down, while “The Man Who Didn’t Believe in Ghosts” is a giant leap up. “Number Six,” also dealing with dead children, gives the show one more point in the plus column. Too bad there were no further tales to be told.

For horror devotees, particularly those who enjoy a more old-fashioned ghost story than gore-filled sequences, Chiller earns a mild recommendation. However, even they are better off purchasing Synapse’s similar recent set, The Complete Hammer House of Horror. —Rod Lott

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