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Christian artist wants listeners to find spiritual strength in new album


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Two words that are constantly in play when talking to Christian artist Brian Nhira are “hopeful” and “inspirational.” From describing his music and stage show to the way he tries to walk the righteous path in his own life, it’s obvious these words hold special meaning to him.

“The goal of my music is to always inspire people, to inspire their dreams and to inspire them to believe for more and to help them on this journey of life,” Nhira said. “There are definitely some elements of the album that are Christ-driven and Christ-focused, then there are also parts that are simply meant to inspire people. There’s something that everyone can get out of it to help whatever they’re going through.”

The inspiration for his album came from his experiences in college when he had the opportunity to travel around the world and see what real hopelessness was like. Even now, just watching the news, Nhira can still find himself slipping into what he called a "place of hopelessness and apathy.” But by fulfilling his dream of becoming a singer, he finds himself fighting those feelings even harder to ensure his message remains pure.

His latest album, Hope’s Stand, attempts to capture that message on wax. After a highly successful release party in Tulsa, his hometown, he brings his high-energy, live show to Truth Church, 1201 W Boyd St., in Norman 6 p.m. Saturday, April 18. Admission is free.

“Every time I write a song, I look at people’s experiences,” Nhira said. “The first song I ever wrote and recorded was called 'Dream On,' and it is based on an experience I had with a good friend who had a dream to adopt kids from a foreign country and her family couldn’t understand that dream. Her family was like, 'Take care of your own family!' and her heart was broken because that was a dream that she had in her heart. It’s all about the experiences I’m going through and the experiences I see other people going through.”

Nhira considers himself different than many other inspirational acts out there; he tries to avoid clichés that water down the point he’s trying to get across in an effort to be transparent.

It’s a tactic that has worked, garnering him a strong fanbase in Tulsa among both Christian and secular audiences. He’s hoping that metro audiences who check out his upcoming Norman show walk away feeling the same way Tulsa audiences have: full of hope.

“No matter who you are or where you are, you’re always going to be in need of hope,” Nhira said. “There are always those situations where you’ll need something to help inspire you. At some of the pivotal moments in my life, I can point to inspirational songs that have carried me through, songs that some would consider secular or songs that are on the Christian side. I want my songs to be for all people and know no bounds because the message of hope knows no bounds.”


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