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Christmas Joy: Let Heaven and Nature Sing - George H. Back



Spirit & Intelligence Press

As a longtime dean of St. Paul's Cathedral in Oklahoma City, George H. Back is used to spouting wit and wisdom to the Episcopal congregation. His audience grows a little wider with the publication of "Christmas Joy," a seasonal-themed collection of short essays with inoffensive humor.

Many of them are sweet, such as viewing infants as bodies filled with contentment and peace, and stories related to his grandchildren. Others are matter-of-fact, dealing with such mundane subjects as Christmas CDs or Charles Dickens. A few are more pointedly serious, discussing St. Paul's in the wake of the federal building bombing or holiday loneliness.

All are written in an easygoing, conversational style.

Back's Christmas wish for you: "I hope you will not bind your body to a TV and a six-pack."

"?Rod Lott


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