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Class act



Well, why not? We already have a moat to keep out the Texans, right?

Though it seems like a strange idea, it is not without precedent. For example, there was a wall known as an “anti-fascist protective rampart” erected by the former East Germany.

That seemed to do wonders for the country and spawned a cool Pink Floyd double album and cinematic interpretation.

Shortey later said he was joking, mostly out of frustration that the federal government would not do its job by enforcing immigration laws.

The knee-slapper came during debate on his bill that would allow law enforcement broader powers in questioning and arresting suspected illegal immigrants, as well as allowing the state to seize property of illegal immigrants.

it might be easy to condemn the timing or content of the josh, we here
at CFN understand that when an opportunity to make a funny presents
itself, it must be seized, whether it’s in church, a funeral, in court
or debating the ways to tighten the screws on a whole class of people.

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