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Nineteen people will be getting their legal slates wiped clean while others are invited to begin the process of clearing convictions from their records, where applicable.

The Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City’s (ULOKC) Community Convening and Social Justice Department will host the inaugural Expungement Expo Aug. 21. on their campus, at 3900 N Martin Luther King Ave.

The free event from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. is an effort to help those with criminal records expunge offenses that have occurred within Oklahoma County.

A presiding county judge will effectively expunge the prior offenses for those 19 people while for others, this will serve as a first stop in the process of exploring what charges may exist on their records, along with other services on-site. Various elected county and local officials will attend.

Individuals who previously received deferred sentences can have their records sealed only if they meet certain conditions set by the court following sentencing. People who are acquitted, completed their sentence, or had their cases dismissed before trial are also eligible for the expungement process.

In addition to legal organizations in attendance providing free services, TEEM, the Urban League’s Workforce Department, the Diversion Hub, Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Community Cares Partners, and many other organizations that help those who have been involved in the criminal justice system will also be available.

For individuals aged 18 to 24, the Urban League’s Adult Re-entry Program (YARP) will have information and resources for those currently or previously arrested, charged or convicted, with various fresh start opportunities available. Opportunities to begin the process of completing a GED and gaining work readiness and technical skills will be available in an effort to advance career training and job placement. 

The process began in April when the Urban League held an expungement informational and helped the Urban League to identify candidates for expungement. This a family-friendly event that will include food, music and additional resources from area non-profit organizations.

For more information call 405-424-5243, ext. 110.

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