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Clothes or drones?



This is the dilemma Daniel Webster Keogh and his wife, Danielle, allegedly faced.

Keogh, the former president of Triton Scientific, a research company contracted by OSU-Multispectral himself Jay Moore is
responsible for the Labratories (UML), is facing a potential FBI
investigation and a multi-milliondollar lawsuit filed by Oklahoma State
University after funds were diverted from UML to God knows where.

we might know where. The suit alleges that some of the funds were used
to back an upscale retail store on Classen Curve, while others were
stowed in overseas bank accounts.

to Keogh, a man who called himself Jay Moore is responsible for the
dough. Keogh claims he sent the money to this mystery man in order to
secure project funding for UML but never received anything in return.

where did these millions of dollars run off to? In addition to the
alleged retail scandal, a good chunk of the funds ended up in the
Republic of Cyprus, an island in the Mediterranean, according to court

Oi. While
UML was being considered for potential drone research and testing by the
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the FAA decided — wisely — that
maybe they ought to just look elsewhere.

The Keoghs’ attorney, Daniel Webber (so many Daniels in this story), said allegations in the suit were false.

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