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Clowning around



So, what's more humiliating than having to wear a bright orange jumper with a number stamped across the back? How about being forced to wear yellow-and-white striped pants with a hot-pink shirt?

Yeah, talk about a fashion faux pas.

But that's just what inmates at the Cleveland County jail find themselves donning, according to a recent article from The Associated Press. Hot pink paired with yellow stripes.

This isn't just some weird new scare tactic (don't steal, kids, or we'll make you wear a clown suit!), but a legitimate response to a problem with the old uniforms: They made it too hard to pick out criminals when they escaped.

Why? Well, according to undersheriff Rhett Burnett, the orange uniforms were pretty darn close to the scrubs you might see medical folks wear. Plus, Burnett said orange is one of the school colors of Norman High, so there's that.

Apparently, the jail switched to the clown-approved clothing combo because the sheriff "wanted something identifiable that couldn't be duplicate," according to Burnett.

Kudos. We're pretty sure you succeeded.

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