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Coach Stoops opens up ... on Twitter



Credit: Brad Gregg

Well, technically, the OU football coach has been on
it for some time now, but his account was private, so no one could read
his tweets unless Stoops said they could (yeah, he was one of those).

becomes the second head OU football coach to join the popular social
networking site, alongside (you guessed it) Barry Switzer, whose account
has been unprotected since its inception.

said, a protected (private) account made perfect sense for Stoops, one
of the most paranoid and secretive coaches in all of sports. Now that
his tweets are public, who knows what kind of advantages he might tip to
his opponents? In fact, West Virginia’s coaching staff is probably
combing through his feed right this second.

for them, most of his feed is retweets. How incredibly boring, Coach.
You are not tweeting in a great way. In the end, you just have to
execute your tweets better.

You’re not even following anybody exciting; just recruits, current and former players and official OU staff. I mean, how are you supposed to get the latest links from Metro OKC’s Arts and Entertainment Authority, Oklahoma Gazette?

Follow us back, Coach.

We’re @okgazette. Promise we won’t dilute your feed.

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