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Coal for Christmas?



No, it won’t come from the jolly big guy with the white beard, red suit and a plethora of reindeer.

Instead, it’ll be the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office delivering the COAL.

Actually, the COAL isn’t charcoal-isn’t
charcoal-colored briquettes stuck into stockings, either. COAL is an
acronym for Christmas Operation with Additional Law Enforcement.

John Whetsel said criminals at this time of year target people through
burglaries and thefts of Christmas gifts, so he intends to turn the
tables on the crooks.

deputies went patrolling for would-be criminals in high-crime areas of
eastern Oklahoma County, and it wasn’t long before the fish took the
bait. At least two men with outstanding drug warrants were apprehended.

Hey, fellas, Santa isn’t going to like this. You definitely are on the naughty list.

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