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College students make quick bucks in ingenious ways



Being dirt poor is as much a part of the college experience as cold pizza for breakfast. Yet, nobody said college students aren't creative in the art of earning a quick dollar. Here are a few ways to make a little extra money without scrounging the sofa.

Kadin Scott, a senior at the University of Oklahoma, said he often drives down the highway to the Riverwind Casino to try his luck.

"I go on Fridays because they give you $10 free, and so it's kind of like, 'I'll just go and spend an hour there, and if I don't make anything, I didn't spend anything,'" Scott said.

Not for the faint of heart, plasma donation involves a large needle stuck in the arm for around an hour.

"For me, it's an extra $60 a week," said OU junior Kevin Greenwood. "If you can handle the needles, I really would recommend it."

Josh Rickey, who recently graduated from OU, tried the temp agency Express Personnel Services after failing to land a job the traditional route.

"Until I found a regular job, the regular way, I figured I might as well do this to make a little money on the side," he said. "Literally, I filled out a whole bunch of stuff and got it turned in, and by the time I had driven home, I had already gotten a call to see if I could interview for a job that next Monday." "CJ Macklin


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