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Come on, Pilgrim



Since it doesn’t matter, let’s all dress up in headdresses and build tepees, then have a group of white people dressed like colonialists come and bash up crap, leaving the land wrecked and ravaged. Sounds like a party, no?

Oklahoma City electro-collective Dance Robots, Dance! recently promoted a Nov. 23 “Special Pilgrims & Indians Theme Party!!” to be held at Kamp’s 1310 Lounge, with a colorful poster whose central photo depicted a presumably Caucasian woman wearing an Indian headdress while smoking a cig.

Unsurprisingly, some people had a problem with that. Thanksgiving, an already controversial holiday for some equality-driven individuals, comes with a table full of mixed emotions over historical happenings. They took to Facebook in protest, with comments like, “OMG. That’s terrible. Right here in Oklahoma too.”

The Newspaper Rock blog asked sarcastically, “What are they going to do for the party’s big finish: reenact the Mystic River Massacre of 1637? Good times!” While Dance Robots, Dance!

removed the fliers, it wasn’t enough penance for the offended Oklahomans who are members of the 39 tribes that today call our state home. A Normanite even started a petition at titled “Dance, Robots, Dance: Acknowledge the use of racist imagery in fliers and agree to stop doing so” petition.

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