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Comedian plans Rose State performance



Despite his 1991 debut in the stand-up comedy circuit, Indiana native and observational comedian Jim Gaffigan didn't necessarily achieve national recognition until his appearance as "the meow guy" in the 2001 film "Super Troopers."

In the infamous scene, two Vermont state troopers accost a motorist "? played by Gaffigan "? who becomes the target of "Cat Game," a prank in which the word "now" is replaced by "meow." The troopers approach the car, and downright hilarity follows. OK, it might not sound like comedy gold on paper, but the scene probably helped sell more than a few movie tickets, and Gaffigan's performance as the timid and clueless "prankee" fits perfectly with the situation.

Fortunately, having watched the film isn't a prerequisite for enjoying Gaffigan's deadpan, mildly sarcastic humor, which he'll deliver in his first-ever metro appearance at an all-ages show at 7 and 10 p.m. Saturday at the Rose State Performing Arts Center, 6000 Trosper in Midwest City. By twisting ordinary elements of daily life with his personal witty touch, Gaffigan's straight-ahead delivery often catches the audience by surprise.

"My act is definitely an analysis of the mundane and the everyday," he said. "I get a lot of material from exploring things that I love that hopefully are universal, whether it be bacon or bowling. It's weird, because I talk about my topics and it sounds really boring, but people seem to enjoy it. I love the challenge of taking something like escalators and making it funny for three or four minutes."

Get some "laffigans" with Gaffigan; tickets are $39.75. For more information, call 733-7960.

"?Jake Dalton


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