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The book, which debuted at last week’s San Diego Comic-Con International and is titled The Sun Is Sick, is a collection of NC-17-worthy illustrations sketched during press interviews over the phone and after music sessions.

In an exclusive preview, Paste Magazine described it as "a combination of 2001: A Space Odyssey, old Heavy Metal comics, and the Technicolor fantasy lying under most Lips songs," while purportedly pontificating on themes of love, death and a whole range of, um, gooey, Lips-esque subject matter.

Oh, you want a plot? Paste went on, "the story follows two intergalactic maintenance workers fighting to save the sun from a cosmic grim reaper. Meanwhile, a blind, blue princess gives birth to a giant eyeball that grants her vicarious sight. Disorienting, visionary, and very, very NSFW, there are few if any modern comics quite like this."

So there's that. If this kind of stuff tickles your pickle, the comic book is available in an extremely limited capacity through the band's website. Just make sure you clear your browsing history.

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