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Coming to Town



Reviewer's grade: C-


Saintly 11-year-old JoBeth Smalls writes a letter to Santa Claus asking for revenge against the classmates and principal who torment her. What she gets is Klaus, a sweaty, dirty, foul-mouthed evil-twin version of St. Nick, who shows up with two alcoholic, porn-obsessed elves to wreak havoc on her enemies. After using machine guns, booze and rotting teeth to traumatize both children and adults, Klaus runs afoul of his estranged brother, with odd results.


Although hardly typical, "Coming to Town" is typically anti-convention. Director Carles Torrens takes everything familiar about Christmas and drags it through the sewer, which becomes a bit tedious and predictable by the end.


Undoubtedly, viewers of a certain mind-set will find it impossibly clever.


"?Michael Robertson


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