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Commentary props up a 'deceitful lie'



In his Gazette Commentary appearing on Nov. 3 ("It gets better"), Nathan Gunter uses the tragic story of Zach Harrington to prop up and gain sympathy for the deceitful lie that he has personally bought into; namely that the Holy Spirit leads folks to embrace homosexuality.

There are some things in the Bible that I can see people being confused about and misinterpreting until they dig a little deeper. However, that is not the case with homosexuality. You could have a second-grader read the New Testament and quiz him on God's thoughts regarding homosexuality. I assure you that he would not be in agreement with Gunter, and rightfully so. For someone who has a degree in religion, I expect a little more. Please do us all a favor and reject the Christian faith entirely instead of distorting it to allow your perversion.

Let me confess that I am no saint. As a heterosexual man, I struggle with lust myself, only for the opposite sex. The major difference is that I don't embrace my sin and deceive myself into thinking God supports it. Repentance is the key. Struggle with and wage war against your sins until you take your last breath, but never justify them because you've given up the fight.

Gunter ended his Commentary with the sentence "It gets better." I would actually agree with the writer to some extent on this point. By embracing your homosexuality, it may indeed get better, but only temporarily. I assure you in the long run (eternity), things will get much worse if you buy into the same lie that Gunter has.

"Josh Reynolds
Oklahoma City

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