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Through my public service at state and local levels and through my board service for Allied Arts and other arts entities, I have come to believe strongly in the following logic model:

>> Oklahoma City is not a real city if it lacks arts and culture.

>> Our arts and culture cannot exist without the work of Allied Arts, which financially supports dozens of arts agencies in our community.

>> Allied Arts cannot operate without the financial support of our citizens and our companies.

The formula is as simple as that.

But there’s also another logic model I have learned in Oklahoma City:

>> Nonprofits like Allied Arts rely heavily on corporate support. Corporate donations rise and fall based on the state of the economy and specific industries.

>> Although our economy continues to diversify, corporations in Oklahoma City are still predominantly related to the oil and gas industry.

>> When oil and gas prices are low, it inevitably affects the overall corporate donations received by nonprofits like Allied Arts.

And so it is today.

It is no secret that international energy prices have taken a tumble in recent months. And though that affects all of us differently, it certainly impacts Allied Arts.

Allied Arts’ annual fundraising campaign wraps up very soon, and as someone who cares deeply about Oklahoma City, I am writing today to tell you Allied Arts needs your help. The organization was founded in 1971 in central Oklahoma with the goal to work with neighborhoods, individuals, businesses, foundations and nonprofit organizations to help deliver quality, innovative arts education and experiences to youth and to the public.

It is imperative that each of us considers doing all we possibly can to support Allied Arts this time around.

I’m asking you to join me and donate money right now at If possible, consider donating more than you donated last year. Maybe make a second donation if you’ve already given. Maybe donate for the first time. Even donating that $20 you saved at the pump this week helps Allied Arts preserve and build the community we want. Do whatever you can do.

The need is urgent, and you can make a difference. Now is the time to take a stand for arts and culture in our city.


State Senator David Holt (R-Oklahoma City) serves on the board of Allied Arts. He was born and raised in Oklahoma City.

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