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"(Death row) is the calmest place I've ever been in," said convicted murderer Paul John Fitzpatrick in March to a judge in Largo, Fla., hoping to avoid a mere life sentence, which would place him in the general prison population. "I probably found the most peace I've ever had in my whole life (in his previous experience) on death row," he said. "It's just a hell of a lot easier ... doing time with murderers than it is with fools." (A decision was still pending at press time.)

 In January, Georgia's devout governor, Sonny Perdue, ignored religion as the reason he supports the state's Sunday no-beer-sales law (and religion would be a constitutionally impermissible basis for the law, anyway). Rather, Perdue said, the real beauty of the Sunday law is merely to force Georgians to manage their time better, by getting everyone to finish their shopping for spirits by Saturday.

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