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Conan O'Brien spotlights Oklahoma City, sorta



Too often, the national news concerning Oklahoma is decidedly negative in nature: tornados, low rankings in health, obesity, teen pregnancy or smoking, and basically anything that comes out of the mouth of our two senators or a certain state representative.

But it's not all bad, after all. We have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, and Conan O'Brien focused on this positive news during a July 31 episode of "The Tonight Show." He welcomed OKC public relations director Kri" wait. That's not right. Watching Conan welcome "Quentin Jennings," wearing a bolo tie, no less, we here at CFN half-suspected the state was about to become the butt of yet another joke.

This is how our "PR director" accounted for the low unemployment numbers: Professional Outdoor Coin Collector (panhandling hobo), Dumpster Cuisine Coordinator (hungry hobo), Nocturnal Cash Redistributor (robber) and Horny Dude Relaxer (prostitute, and, by the look of her, not a high-class one either).

When Conan called him out on it, he replied, "I say tomato, you say homeless guy, thief and a hooker." Quentin then announced his new job as a "Recyclable Can and Bottle Redeemer" and grabbed Horny Dude Relaxer to accompany him.

Yay, Oklahoma!

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