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Confessions of a Shopaholic




Isla Fisher stars as Rebecca Bloomwood, a young journalist in New York who has never met a sale price tag she didn't like and has run up a credit card bill of more than $16,000. She has no way to pay her debts and still can't resist the siren call of 30 percent off for a limited time only. 

Her professional goal in life is to write for a particular fashion magazine where she can't even get a toe in the door. Instead, she talks herself into a job at Successful Saving, a money mag published by the same company. Her editor is hunky (Hugh Dancy), but she doesn't seem to care as he's only a stepping stone to her ideal job. This will change when she gets to pick out his clothes.

Much to her surprise, her essays on money management, based on everything she does wrong in her own life, turn out to be, well, right on the money.

I wondered how any woman could get a charge out of this ridiculous fluff when something dawned on me: I feel the same way, I suppose, that women feel when the men in their lives are willing to suspend disbelief for the latest James Bond adventure. We all have our fantasies.

Which isn't to say that "Shopaholic" is anything but lightweight escapism that will hold the greatest attraction for fans of the book series. As for having to watch it again, well, I'd rather go shopping with my wife.

"?Doug Bentin


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