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Congress honors Oklahoma's Toby Keith



It's not every week a celebrity receives an honor from Congress while getting panned by entertainment critics at the same time. Somehow, you just knew it would involve Toby Keith.

The testosterone-pumped country music star from Moore was the recipient last week of one of the highest rewards Congress can bestow upon the common folk. The U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution honoring Keith for his work with members of the Armed Forces. Along with ragged jeans and his Ford pickup, Keith is also well known for his overseas trips to perform for United States service members. His travels have included Belgium, Kosovo, Italy, Germany and Afghanistan.

The measure praised Keith for his efforts with the United Service Organizations overseas tours.

It's a good thing the honor came when it did; Keith's first leading actor role in the movie "Beer for My Horses" is not turning out to be a critics' favorite.

Here is a bit from Betsy Pickle of Scripps Howard News Service:

"'Beer for My Horses' is more indulgence than art. It exists primarily so that Keith can make a modern Western and (co-star Rodney) Carrington can expand his concert gimmick of having women bare their breasts for him."


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