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Samantha (Najarra Townsend, Me and You and Everyone We Know) learns this the — ahem — hard way, after drowning her inhibitions in vodka and letting them run free at a party where she's roofied by a stranger (Simon Barrett, You're Next). What happens in the few days that unfold thereafter are akin to scientist Seth Brundle in Cronenberg's 1986 The Fly remake — skin looks weird, stuff falls off — except our heroine is infected with the wickedest STD (un)known to man.

Townsend isn't the strongest actress, but in a way, she's playing second fiddle to her transformation. The makeup effects are so potent, some viewers won't be able to take it. And if they can, writer/director Eric England (Madison County) has a squirming — again, ahem — climax in store to scare off everyone else. For strong stomachs, this is good stuff. Catch it! (And don't miss the parody of 1950-era sex-ed shorts amid the DVD extras.) — Rod Lott

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