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When I first got an iMac in 1999, I told my friend Chris I loved it so much that I wanted to have sex with it. I was just kidding, of course, but Lewis, the protagonist of the comedy "Control Alt Delete," isn't.

Played by Tyler Labine (TV's "Reaper"), Lewis is a computer programmer who's busy debugging in preparation for the impending Y2K disaster. Speaking of disaster, his private life is a mess. Although he has a beautiful girlfriend in Sarah (Laura Bertram, TV's "Andromeda"), he can't pull the trigger in lovemaking, because he's addicted to online pornography.

When Sarah dumps him, he goes all the way with the one he loves most: his home computer. Then he violates others' desktop units, before trying to initiate human contact again with Jane (Sonja Bennett, "Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball"), the office's crippled but cute receptionist.

Part "Office Space," part "American Pie," part every indie rom-com ever made, "Control Alt Delete" is an amiable, polished effort, if not exactly a laugh riot. Labine isn't quite as likable as he should be (writer/director Cameron Labine must be a relative), but the actors gamely give it their all. The Y2K setting is kind of a hoot, in hindsight, although I remember how freaked out we all were about it, once upon a time.

You may not want to hit control-alt-delete to quit the film, but a few clicks of the tab button are understood. "?Rod Lott


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