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C.O.P.S.: Volume Two



Despite the name, "C.O.P.S." is not an animated spin-off of the Fox reality series. Rather, like virtually every cartoon of the late 1980s, its source material is a line of toys. Neither really caught on.

The acronym stands for Central Organization of Police Specialists, which is an overly detailed way of just saying "police." The show is set in 2020, so it has a bit of a sci-fi bent to it, although action is the name of its game. It also plays kinda like a comedic version of "G.I. Joe ," which can be expected given that some of the scripts involve a frozen caveman and Martians.

The best thing about it are the villains. With their gnarled faces and hideous visages, it's as if they stepped out of the panels of "Dick Tracy." They match well with the grossly out-of-proportion heroes. Too bad the cheap animation "? it's from D.I.C., naturally "? does any imaginative character designs no favors.

This "Volume 2" set contains the series' middle batch of episodes. It's all harmless stuff, but mindless, too. "?Rod Lott

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